Baxter Carbide, Inc.

Specialists In Carbide Fabrication

Our company was formed in 1978 by Harvie Baxter under a franchise agreement with North American Carbide Corporation.  Initially developed as a recycling service, we would downsize or regrind customer's used indexable inserts.

By the early 1980s, many of the large carbide companies began aggressively selling raw carbide blanks to fabricators.  We were then able to purchase top quality American made material and began manufacturing new inserts.  With the alliance of industrial leaders in hard metal coaters, we now offer finished products equal to those of the larger brand name companies (at considerable savings to our customers).

Through the years, we have developed a network of distributors, private label customers, and house accounts all over the country.  Because of the competition with other North American franchisees, many of whom were our customers, we decided to incorporate in 1987 under the name of Baxter Carbide.

Our specialty  is threading and grooving inserts including notch style, triangular on edge and v-bottom.  We also make many of the popular styles of turning and milling inserts.  In addition, we make many custom tools, seating tools, knife sharpeners, food processors, pallet grippers and circuit board cutters. Of course, we still do regrinding.

In the past few years we have added a large inventory of finished indexable inserts.  These are all manufactured by us to both ANSI and ISO industry standards.  In 2006 we have taken over direct manufacturing and sales of Radoll Designs' cutters.  We are constantly looking for new and diverse sources of carbide material to bring you the best variety and value. 

We are committed to customer satisfaction.  We produce quality products at prices below the competition.  Every order is important to us and we will do all we can to quote, manufacture, fill and ship it in a timely manner. 

Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located at 11 Latimer Street, Hazlehurst, GA. USA 31539.