Baxter Carbide, Inc.

Specialists In Carbide Fabrication



Shipping Address:   11 Latimer Street,  Hazlehurst GA 31539

Billing/Remit to Address:  P.O. Box 752, Hazlehurst GA 31539

Phone Numbers:  (912)375-3486, toll free (800)370-6960

Fax Numbers:  (912)375-3488

For Billing Info:  You may call us or email us at .   Please include phone numbers and contact names on all corespondances.

For Quote Info:  You may fax your drawings/requests or you may email them to us at .  Please include quanity, grades, contact names, phone and fax numbers on all requests.  This information is very important for us to handle your request in a timely manner.

To Purchase Product:  You can fax your order, email your order to or you may call us directly.  Please include all billing information, phone numbers, shipping information, and purchase order number on all purchase orders.

To Request Catalog:  Please fax your information or email  at .


















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