Baxter Carbide, Inc.

Specialists In Carbide Fabrication



All our products are free from defects in material and workmanship.  Any part found to have defective material or workmanship will be replaced at no charge.  We are not, however, responsible for parts that are abused or used incorrectly in accordance with standard machining practices.


Pricing:  All prices are confirmed at the time the order is accepted.  Future prices are subject to change without notice.

Quotations:  All quotations are valid for 10 days unless otherwise specified.

Terms:  We accept Visa and MasterCard.  We will ship only stock items COD.  All invoices on open account may take 1% discount for 10 day payment or the net is due in 30 days.  Any account not paid within 60 days will no longer be offered open credit.  Open credit requires prior approval.

Returns:  All returns must have prior approval.

Freight:  Products will be shipped F.O.B. Hazlehurst, GA. via United Parcel Service or in some cases U.S. Mail.  We will be glad to ship freight collect on your UPS account number.

Blanket Policy:  Blanket orders may be placed after 1st initial order of same product.  It must have scheduled release dates and quantities.  All items must be shipped in a maximum of 3 months.  Blanket orders cannot be cancelled.

For further information please contact Baxter Carbide Inc. at or 800-370-6960.