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Regrind Program


Carbide inserts can be reground or down sized usually at about half the cost of new ones.  Usually .005" to .010" is ground off the top (front), then .015" is taken off the periphery.  Edge preparations such as hone or T-land as well as a hard metal coating can be added.  Milling inserts work well as long as the down sized insert still indexes and clamps well in the cutter.  Lathe tools may require special shims, which we also can supply.  Offsets will have to be reprogramed in allowance for the new size. 

The most important thing to remember is this is a "program".  A few steps must adhered to for it to be a success. 

1.  Index your new inserts before they completely fail.  Edge wear is fine; broken is scrap.

2.  Store used inserts in original packages so no futher damage is done in storage or shipping.  Throwing them loose into a bucket  is for scrap, not for regrinding.

3.  Save used inserts untill you have a sufficent quantity (normally 100 piece min.) for regrinding.

4.  Keep regrind inserts and tooling seperate from new ones.  Make sure everyone is familiar with both.

Contact us to discuss the feasibility and potential savings for your company.

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